Self-Care for Empaths

This online course provides information, perspectives and techniques for enriching your life with the gift of empathy.
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Self-Care for Animal Lovers

This online course is designed to help you with coping skills while bringing awareness to the importance of self-care as an animal lover.
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Rediscover Your Resiliency and Optimism...

Learn how to tap into your innate resilience so you can bounce back stronger when life throws its inevitable curve ball. 
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"But I Don't Want To Be Vegan?" eBook

This book takes an educational and strengths-based approach to the psychology of change and transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle.
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Guided Imagery: Forest Visualization

Enjoy this complimentary guided imagery for mindfulness and relaxation.
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Hi, I'm Exchiela

Welcome. I offer online courses providing support to helpers, healers, empaths, advocates and animal lovers. These workshops are created to provide support, education, community, resources, tools and inspiration as it relates to the costs of caring.

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